Book Launch: Global Pakistan - Pakistan's Role in the International System

During the Silver Jubilee Sustainable Conference of our long standing partner, the Sustainable Development Policy Institute, FES launched its news publication "Global Pakistan - Pakistanʿs role in the international system". The book is available here: www.fes.de/lnk/globalpak 

But what is “Global Pakistan” about?

The new publication examines the country's role in the global system. It argues, that Pakistan is not just influenced by its immediate neighbors, but also by international events, global economic factors, and global governance arrangements.

While the debate on Pakistan in the international system often evolves around the relationship with its neighbors, Jochen Hippler and Vaqar Ahmed, editors of the book, chose a different approach. Pakistan is heavily influenced by global events such as the war in Ukraine, the ongoing climate crisis, and global recession, and is therefore a puzzle piece of the “international order”.

The book challenges the idea that Pakistan is an "inward looking" country. In 11 chapters, this book discussing anything from the effects of Globalization, Climate Change or the Pandemic, to the role of Pakistan in International UN Organizations, its diaspora or the importance of education.

By examining Pakistan's interactions with the global system, the book offers a comprehensive exploration of the country's role in the world and the factors that shape it. This is a timely and relevant topic given the many global challenges that Pakistan and the rest of the world are facing. Understanding Pakistan's global role is crucial for both policymakers and the general public in order to make informed decisions and contribute to the country's development. FES is proud to contribute to this debate through this publication.


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