Gender and Youth, Democratic Empowerment

Inclusive political institutions and processes of public deliberation lay the foundations of democratic culture. Together with our cooperation partners, we support capacity building, dialogues and workshops on the empowerment of women and youth. FES also strengthens the cooperation between civil society and parliament in order to consolidate democratic structures and sustainable development. Concrete methods and tools have been developed to implement Gender Responsive Budgeting on the national level to create more gender justice in society, using public finances.

To overcome inequalities between women and men as well as to upgrade the leverage of the young generation in a comparatively very young and growing society also requires civic education, critical thinking, advocating for culture of tolerance and awareness about climate change as well as enhanced political participation at all levels. On a local government level FES also implements activities related to empowerment of female and youth representatives across the country.

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Sidra Saeed

Programme Advisor

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