Economic Policies, Decent Work and Social Democracy

Economic policies that foster sustainable development and social inclusion are important pillars of a democratic society. Therefore, we support trade unions, informal workers’ organizations, civil society as well as government bodies to focus on more just and fair social structures and policies – with social justice and equitable economic opportunities and engagement for women at its core.

FES organises conferences and workshops, publishes policy analyses as well as information material to provide in-depth understanding and create open exchange on ideas and concepts to foster a social just and sustainable society. Pakistan Labour Academy, National Labour Conference and the National Alliance for Social Justice are flagships in these endeavors. Together with the national leadership of trade unions and employers’ organisations, FES is working on the effective implementation of trade cooperation programme of GSP+ between Pakistan and the European Union, due diligence in supply chains as well as on the sovereign debt issue.

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Abdullah Dayo

Programme Advisor

Pakistan Office

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Islamabad, Pakistan

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