Book Launches: "Charter of the Economy" and "Charter of Democracy and Beyond"

Pakistan has suffered from a chronic economic crisis even before the pandemic for many years. Economic variables are not just a matter for the economists...

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Pakistan Office launched two books: “Charter of the Economy: Agenda for Economic Reforms in Pakistan” by Dr. Hafiz Pasha and “Charter of Democracy and Beyond: The Way Forward for Institutional Reforms” by Nazeer Mahar, Tarik Malik and Usama Bakhtiyar. The purpose of the event was to present, as well as build, a consensus on the urgently required, comprehensive agenda on economic and political reforms in the country. Moreover, the joint launch was an emphasis on the fact that economic progress and good governance are inextricable from each other.

We hope both the books are well-received by economists, bureaucrats, journalists, students, political activists, parliamentarians, members of civil society and leadership of all political parties in Pakistan.

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