Video Series : Regional Peace and Security Dialogue

Regional Peace and security dialogue is a video series focused on promoting a genuine dialogue on regional and international security and political issues related to Pakistan and the region. It invites leading experts of relative fields in a bid to contextualise and to discuss the issues of regional importance which otherwise hardly get space in mainstream media of Pakistan.

Season 1

Episode 1: Building Regional Connectivity for Pakistan

How regionalism and regional connectivity is important for Pakistan and how CPEC can be viewed as important element in helping bridge the trade gap between South Asian countries.

Guests: Dr. Salma Malik, Mr. Hamayoun Khan, Dr. Naveed Iftikhar Cheema

Episode 2: China-India Tensions and its Implications on Pakistan

How India-China Standoff in Ladkah region (2020) is affecting these two economic giants and what are the implications for the region of this conflict and how Pakistan can be affected.

Guests: Dr fazal ur Rehman, Dr. Arshi Saleem Hashmi

Episode 3: Afghan Peace Process and its Impact on the Region

How Afghanistan peace process is progressing and how Afghanistan situation has its impact on Pakistan and the rest of the region.

Guests:  Amina Khan, Tahir khan


Episode 4: Dynamics of Middle East and Pakistan

Defining the Middles Eastern Region and its politics amongst its key players in the region and role of religion in its identity.

Guests:  Dr. Jochen Hippler , Dr. Syed Qandeel Abbas


Episode 5: US Election and its Impact on Pakistan and the Region

USA elections 2020, Joe Biden Vs Donald Trump, its impact on Pakistan and the region. How will it define the trajectory of the world politics in future?

Guests:  Dr Zaffar Jaspal , Mr. Qamar Cheema

Episode 6: CPEC and Regional developments

Regional development model and role of CPEC in the regional development of South Asia. How will CPEC fare in the future regional politics and economic development.

Guests:  Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmad, Mr. Hamayoun Khan

Episode 7: Pakistan & India’s Relationship in 2020

India and Pakistan relationship, as a stumbling block for cooperation and progress of the  region. Post August 2019 Kashmir Status and its implication for the region.

Guests:  Professor Tahir Malik, Mr. Essa Naqvi

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Episode 9: Covid 19 Effects of Pakistani and Regional Economies

How Covid 19 has impacted the South Asian economies and particularly the Pakistani Economy. What were the growth predictions and consequences of covid in future?

Guests:  Dr Vaqar Ahmed, Mr. Waqas Azeem

Episode 10: Fake News networks: Indian Chronicles

How fake news network aka Indian chronical worked and its modus operandi.An analysis of information warfare and its impact on Pakistan.

Guests:  Mr. Sajjad Azhar, Mr. Waseem Abbasi

Episode 11: Threat to Media’s Independence in the Region

Threats to the freedom of media in the South Asian region. Dismal indictors of freedom of expression and reasons behind those indicators.

Guests:  Mr. Sabook Syed, Mr. Abdullah

Episode 12: Human Development Index in South Asia 

Low and declining South Asian’s human development indictors and its reasons. A Comparative analysis with other regions.

Guests:  Mr. Mustafa Talpur, Ms. Maira Imran

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