Video Series : Regional Peace and Security Dialogue

Regional Peace and security dialogue is a video series focused on promoting a genuine dialogue on regional and international security and political issues related to Pakistan and the region. It invites leading experts of relative fields in a bid to contextualise and to discuss the issues of regional importance which otherwise hardly get space in mainstream media of Pakistan.

Season 3

Episode 1: Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover

The complexity of the prevailing situation in Afghanistan is still far from settled. What has complicated matters is the dire state of the Afghan economy. Because of restrictions on banking services, UN sanctions regime 1267, and its subsequent follow-ups, the economic activity in Afghanistan has shrunk considerably.

Guests:  Mr. Saleem Safi

Episode 2: Economic turmoil in South Asia

The global economic crisis has affected all countries in South Asia. They initially responded to the supply shock by a combination of fiscal and monetary policies to mitigate the impact and support economic growth but Sri Lanka couldn’t manage well. Bangladesh also sought IMP loans, the Indian currency got hit, and Afghanistan’s economic collapse is a different story.

Guests: Mr. Shahbaz Rana, Dr Noor Fatima

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