Author Interview: Human Security in Pakistan by Dr. Hafiz A. Pasha

FES Pakistan spoke with Dr. Hafiz A. Pasha, Senior Economist about his report: "Human Security in Pakistan"  

The report "Human Security in Pakistan" represents the first step at quantification of the level of human security in Pakistan and its trend after 2001-02. It includes 87 indicators on diverse aspects of human security and goes well beyond the Human Development Index. The Human Security Index so derived shows a big fall after 2015-16.

In this interview, Dr. Hafiz A. Pasha explained:

  • Concept of human security and its importance,
  • Pakistan ranks in terms of human security globally,
  • Key achievements in terms of human security in Pakistan,
  • Biggest challenges for improving human security in Pakistan
  • Key proposals to improve human security in Pakistan


Dr. Hafiz A. Pasha is Professor Emeritus at Beaconhouse National University (BNU) in Lahore, Pakistan. He is also the former Federal Minister and United Nations Assistant Secretary General.

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