Authored by: Amina Khan

Afghanistan Monitor

The situation in Afghanistan has drastically been evolving since the Taliban came into power in August 2021. Since then, the situation inside Afghanistan has resulted in unaddressed questions such as what the group’s rule means domestically for governance, political freedom, human/women rights, counter-terrorism assurances, and more importantly regional peace and stability. But since events in Ukraine unfolded, Afghanistan appears to have been put on the backseat by the international community, as Afghanistan is now being viewed as a regional issue that warrants a regional response, yet this is a gross miscalculation because history has always shown Afghanistan to have global ramifications, hence all the more need to remain engaged.

In this regards FES is publishing “Afghanistan Monitor” at regular intervals to take stock of the ongoing situation in Afghanistan after the Taliban assumption of power, monitor and critically analyze key developments taking place within the country in terms of security, governance, economics, and human/women’s rights. 

Afghanistan monitor will not only include a roundup of the situation in Afghanistan with a focus on key indicators (security, governance, economics, and human/women’s rights) but will also include analysis from key experts. Within the monitor, a special section will be dedicated to attaining expert opinions from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and regional and international stakeholders on the ongoing situation.

Afghanistan Monitor

Khan, Amina

Afghanistan Monitor

Islamabad, 2022

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