Gender-Responsive Budgeting for Women’s Empowerment in Pakistan

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Pakistan, the National Assembly of Pakistan and the Women's Parliamentary Caucus joined hands to promote gender equality through Gender-Responsive Budgeting for Women’s Empowerment in Pakistan.

Key takeaways from the dialogue included:

1. Apply a gender lens to the budget: Ensure budget allocations address women's needs and promote gender equality.

2. Prioritize girls' education and women's literacy: Investing in programs supporting girls' education and women's literacy to close the gender gap.

3. Recognize women's unpaid care work: Account for the value of women's household duties and caregiver roles in economic policies.

4. Empower women through business training and capacity building: Provide resources and support for women entrepreneurs and professionals to enhance their skills and economic opportunities.

5. Invest in healthcare initiatives: Improve access to healthcare services and programs addressing women's specific health needs.

6. Create a gender-responsive society: Promote gender sensitization, challenge harmful gender stereotypes, and empower women in the local government setups

The roundtable's outcomes and the analysis of FY23-24 will hopefully contribute to shaping gender-responsive budgeting policies, fostering inclusive community development, and empowering Pakistani women in general.

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