Labour Day Conference:Plight of Women Home-based Workers in Pakistan

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Pakistan in collaboration with Bhittai Social Watch & Advocacy and Shah Abdul Latif University held a seminar at Khairpur Press Club to address the challenges faced by home-based women workers in Pakistan, marking International Labour Day.

The seminar brought to light the plight of these workers and called upon the government to implement comprehensive projects for their welfare. Dr. Ali Raza Lashari, in charge of the Student Society Center at the university, emphasized the necessity for research into the issues faced by women workers and the development of actionable solutions.

Key demands from the gathering included:

  • Provision of low-cost housing and free healthcare for workers.
  • Free education for workers’ children.
  • Encouragement for workers to join social security networks and obtain health cards.
  • Enforcement of minimum wage laws at the government level.
  • Allocation of loans for business ventures and legal assistance for women.
  • Creation of employment opportunities for the children of deceased workers.

The seminar strongly advocated for the formation of vigilance committees at the district level to safeguard laborers’ rights and the establishment of centers at universities dedicated to worker welfare.

Recommendations from the participants included:

  • Legislative action at the parliamentary level to bolster laborers’ and women’s rights.
  • Provision of technical and vocational training for laborers.
  • Encouragement of small and medium enterprises to hire laborers.
  • Establishment of home-based industries to employ women.
  • Offering special incentives to disabled workers and acknowledgment of home-based workers’ contributions.

The seminar concluded with a call for support programs to provide financial assistance, ATM cards, and bank accounts to women. It also urged media outlets to highlight the issues faced by women, children, and workers.

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