When Care Work is Shared | Story of Rimsha and Kashif | FES Pakistan

Meet Rimsha and Kashif, a vibrant young couple rewriting the script of domestic life in their Pakistani household. Together, they embrace shared responsibilities, recognizing the importance of an equal division of labor. In their home, Kashif not only fulfills his duties at work but also takes an active role in domestic chores. From cooking and dishwashing to occasional house cleaning, Kashif breaks free from traditional gender roles, contributing to a more balanced and harmonious household. Rimsha and Kashif's partnership symbolizes a significant shift towards gender equality within Pakistani households. By sharing domestic responsibilities, they pave the way for a more serene and stress-free life for both women and men. This evolution not only allows couples to enjoy leisure time together but also empowers women to pursue opportunities outside the home, rather than being solely confined to household chores and caregiving tasks. As we celebrate Rimsha and Kashif's journey, let's reflect on the importance of equality at home. Together, we can create environments where shared responsibilities foster mutual respect, harmony, and freedom for all.

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