Video Series: Maqaam - Life After Corona

Maqaam - Life After Corona" is a 16-episode web-series (documentaries), in which we explore the lessons that we need to learn as a society from the Coronavirus pandemic. This project has been developed by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (Pakistan office) in collaboration with Art Langar.

Episode No. 1:

Social Responsibility

Episode No. 3:

Family of the future

Episode No. 5:

Survival Choices

Episode No. 7:

Earth's immune system

Episode No. 9:

Innovative Technologies for Our Future

Episode No. 11:

Local Cultures and Universal Significance

Episode No. 13:

 Surveillance - it's Uses & Risks

Episode No. 15:

Islam and Secularism

Episode No. 2:

Globalization and Sustainable Economy

Episode No. 4:

Models of Education

Episode No. 6:

Good Governance and Leadership

Episode No. 8:

Eco Design - Architecture

Episode No. 10:

Growing our own food

Episode No. 12:

Free Speech-Necessity and Responsibility

Episode No. 14:

Conspiracy Theories

Episode No. 16:

Mashal School's inspiring work with “street children” 

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